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About me

I am Marie Sulebi, your Home Organizer ! I am French and was lucky to be raised in many parts of the world. I am now settled in Dubai since 10 years, with my husband and our 2 little girls.

“Towards your happy place”

They tried it !

β€œI thought I was a very organized person before, but Marie came in, and truly showed me the meaning of organisation, in an efficient and sustainable way. Nothing was sent to the bin during the decluturring process of my closet. Old cloths hangers were given to the closest dry cleaner, old cloths offered and the one in need to be repaired were sewed.”

β€œMarie is a sparkling and efficient necessity for anyone trying to organize your home. Her approach is both personal and personalized, and I am more than satisfied with the results. I highly recommend her in particular to anyone who is moving (shifting), on either end of the process. Merci, Marie !”

β€œMarie was a great help in organizing my daughter’s dressing room and bedroom, the result is as I dreamed of, pretty and practical. now my daughter has access to her toys and tidies up her room on her own! she also gave me lots of advice for the apartment (orientation, feng shui). she also made me a very nice selection of furniture and accessories for storage and boxes. Thanks Mary.”

Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.
+971 56 259 8906

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